Who We Are

The Beginning

Players representing Indiana Eagles Baseball first took to the field sporting the orange & blue colors in 2007.  Previously, Jamie Roudebush, the Founder & Director of the Indiana Eagles, spent several summers coaching for the former Indy Bulldogs program at the high school level.  After the Bulldogs organization folded, Jamie was asked to take the program over as it was.  Instead of continuing on as the Indy Bulldogs, he made the decision to start from ground zero and build something new...something different...something solid.  That's how the Indiana Eagles Baseball Organization was born.

What it Takes to Be an Eagle

Tradition, Loyalty, Commitment, Teamwork and Desire are characteristics that every Indiana Eagles player and coach demonstrates. 
*TRADITION:  Players learn and grow by learning from those who have been there before them.  Former Indiana Eagles players playing at the college level often return to mentor.
*LOYALITY:  Our high player retention demonstrates how loyal we are to our players.
*COMMITMENT:  The commitment of time, effort and energy is a must.  Every successful player is one that gives 110% of themselves on the field, in training, in the classroom and in their community.
*TEAMWORK:  Teamwork divides the tasks and multiples the success.  Our teams work as whole units and come out as winners.
*DESIRE:  Indiana Eagle’s players demonstrate that "fire within" which is needed to take them to the next level.  Every training session, every practice, every at bat, and every run scored are stepping stones moving players forward toward their ultimate goals.

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